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    Service Overview

    Ship Global Logistics is one of a kind competitor in sea transport with a remarakable amount of traffic both usa import and export. Also worldwide door to door or port to port services are provided through a powerfull and extensive network of agencies. Ship Global Logistics offers optimal and economical solutions via special agreements with different carriers.

    Ship Global Logistics provides special equipment (Flatrack , Open Top , Reefer ) transportation services that are insured by its strong contractors which come with security guarantees for sea , land , air and railway transport. Service guarantees cover any kind of damage that may occur during storage or loading and unloading. SGL offers the most appropriate and rational insurance solutions for overseas and domestic transportation.

    When your space demand is less than a container , you need our Lcl service. SGL Provides a single point of contact for all your Lcl requests. Our team of experts consolidate your cargo to get your shipment moving without delay. SGL offers weekly consoles , reliable transit times , space availablity and utmost care from major ports across the world for increased efficiency and lower costs.